Which Calibre to install?

Pamac lists 2 listings of Calibre in Official Repositories (extra):

  • Calibre 7.6.0-1
  • Calibre - e-book Editor (calibre) 7.6.0-1
    Both seem out of date as the current version on the Calibre website is 7.9.0. Please could you advise which to install?

Considering there is only the 1 package in the repos and no AUR package of the same name (calibre)… I can only guess the second showing is from some other source like flatpak OR you have some sort of broken mirrors/setup like the deprecated [community] repo.
Current calibre version is indeed 7.6 on Stable and 7.9 on Testing and Unstable.

The packages page shows current versions for all branches:

This will sort mirrors, sync and update, and install calibre from the repos:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syu calibre

If you are not using snap/flatpak or otherwise believe it to be an error then please show the output of

pacman -Ss calibre
pacdiff -o
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Here is the output. The second line you suggested produces an error:

[nick@nick-pc1 ~]$ pacman -Ss calibre
extra/calibre 7.6.0-1
    Ebook management application
[nick@nick-pc1 ~]$ pacdiff -o
bash: pacdiff: command not found

It (along with a handful of other utilities) is in another package now.
It should probably be included in default packages, but since it is not …

sudo pacman -Syu pacman-contrib

This does show you only have the one package being provided by the repos.
So there does not appear to be a problem there.


It was in the GUI version of Pamac that the 2 listings came up.

And does it still?

And you are sure it is not flatpak or snap?

You can use pamac in this instance too…

pamac search calibre

I followed your installation instruction:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f && sudo pacman -Syu calibre

And now Pamac GUI shows that all 4 files related to Calibre have been installed. So the GUI is listing the package as several parts.

Using this command in the terminal displays only a single file in the ‘extra’ repository:

[nick@nick-pc1 ~]$ pamac search calibre
librone  1.3-1                                                               AUR
    scarica e-book in italiano | ebook | companion per calibre
calibre-web  0.6.21-2                                                        AUR
    Web app for browsing, reading and downloading eBooks stored in a
    Calibre database
calibre-unicode-path  6.26.0-1                                               AUR
    Ebook management application. With unicode filename and path patch.
calibre-server-systemd  1.0-2                                                AUR
    Systemd service for calibre-server
calibre-plugin-kobo-driver  3.6.7-2                                          AUR
    An extension of the existing KoboTouch driver provided with Calibre
calibre-plugin-goodreads  1.7.9-1                                            AUR
    Downloads metadata and covers from Goodreads - Calibre Plugin
calibre-plugin-dedrm  10.0.3-1                                               AUR
    DeDRM tools for ebooks - Calibre plugin
calibre-installer  0.4-1                                                     AUR
    Automatically install and update the calibre standalone binaries
calibre-git  7.2.0.r2.g96211be30e-1                                          AUR
    Ebook management application
calibre  7.6.0-1 [Installed]                                               extra
    Ebook management application

Where as the GUI lists:

  • Calibre 7.6.0-1
  • Calibre - e-book Editor (calibre) 7.6.0-1
  • Calibre - e-book Viewer (calibre) 7.6.0-1
  • LRF Viewer (calibre) 7.6.0-1

All in ‘Official repositories (extra)’ and all 4 of which are now showing as installed after your Pacman installation command above.

Are we talking about pamac being in ‘software mode’ ?
This changes the way it lists packages to be ‘simpler’ .

I can verify

My guess is that this is appstream including three different entries for some reason like being able to appear in several different categories. But they all point to the same package.


No, ‘software mode’ is unticked.

If you can live without tracking the package using pacman or pamac, you can download the calibre binary from the project’s website. I do this and no problem has shown up. Current version is 7.9.0. Calibre itself then notifies you when an update is available.

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This is the same for Libre Office, this is expected. You have two packages, libreoffice-fresh and libreoffice-still, but you can search for all individual programs within the packages.

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I just use the flatpak. It’s on version 7.9 and updates more frequently than the one in the main repo. No problems with plugins or anything.

Take the origin frm calibre … no trouble anymore:

this part to auto download / update:

sudo -v && wget -nv -O- https://download.calibre-ebook.com/linux-installer.sh | sudo sh /dev/stdin

I never take others …

@JohnML @craywolf @thisoldman
No one was asking how to get calibre.
Nor was there any problem with the version.

OP here was asking why pamac output looks the way it does - showing multiple different entries for the same package described slightly differently.
(and whether there was a difference)

This is an issue with pamac and/or appstream.


It has now been verified the issue comes from appstream where calibre indeed does have multiple entries. According to devs the only way to mitigate this situation is for manjaro to maintain its own version of appstream. Whether this is actually done and/or how … only time will tell.

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They complained that the version in the repo is out of date. I was addressing that complaint. Cheers.

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