Where's my OpenVPN config file (imported with network manager)?

So to setup my Manjaro as an OpenVPN client, I imported the config file generated on the server (it’s a PiVPN that I manage) using the KDE network manager GUI.
Now normally the client config file should be at /etc/openvpn/client/ according to Arch Wiki, but in my case, that folder is empty. so I’m guessing network manager is keeping them somewhere else?

My intention is to tweak the tun-mtu setting bcs the connection is not working over a certain LTE router, but I can’t find an option for doin this in the NetMan GUI

If you use NM, then there is no openvpn config anymore. NM will create the config on the fly. You can’t edit it.
The NM connection settings are stored in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/

You should not edit these files, better use nmcli for this. However you need to find out first if NM supports the options you want to set. nmcli can do more than the GUI, but NM does not support all OpenVPN options.

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I turns out MTU is probably not the issue, but it might be helpful to look at the client-side connection logs. Any idea where I might find those? It was suggested to me to check the system journals:

sudo journalctl -fu NetworkManager

Is that the same thing (or equally helpful) as looking at the logs?

If you use NetworkManager it is the correct place. Since it shows all messages form NetworkManager and other processes started by NetworkManager you might want to filter it a little bit.

For example

journalctl -b -u NetworkManager.service -t nm-openvpn

Which shows messages from the current boot (-b) taged (-t) with “nm-openvpn” form the unit (-u) NetworkManager.service . The Openvpn massages should be taged with “nm-openvpn” but you might want to check that and look at the massages first without it.

You can also add the -f option which will print only a few old massages but will print new messages as they arrive in the journal.

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