Where you go - Another song made on Manjaro


So, I’ve been having a LOT of issues with my ex, she suffers from BPD and we have a 1 yr old daughter. Recently, she pretty much blocked all contact for a while, and the way things were going I feared I would never see my baby girl again and it almost broke me. Luckily, I had some help from social services, and I now get to see my baby girl again (though not as much as I’d like…baby steps etc)
Anyway, as an amateur musician, I put how I was feeling at the time into a song, as I figured, as well as letters, cards etc, she’d know I wrote her a song. I liked how it came out and I’d love to share it.

As usual, made using Linux Renoise + various plugins


Oh my. There’s professional help for that stuff, if you wish, but music has a power to heal.

Good luck. Sincerely. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I had some help :slight_smile:


I’ve been through what you have been going through. I thought I was gonna die. But I’ll tell you what was told to me, and it got me through.

  • God knows you love her.
  • You know you love her.
  • Someday she’ll know that too. She probably already does.



Thanks. I just hope the ex doesn’t do this again.


Regard yourself. You have no control over another adult.