Where to set terminal ANSI colors default in i3?

Hello everybody,

When I installed Manjaro i3 a couple of years ago, the color scheme used for in-terminal colors (ANSI colors) was somehow not standard.
I remember that bacjk in that time I changed some settings to restore the colors with more traditional colors.
However after the update of the system I got today, the colors revert back to the default of the i3 installation.
And I don’t remember how I changed that the last time…

Does anyone know where the colors settings of terminal ANSI codes is set?

Thank you.

As far as I know Manjaro i3 uses urxvt and xterm as the default terminal emulators and their colors are set in .Xresources

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Yes, by default it’s urxvt in manjaro i3 in your home directory there is a .Xresources with this parameters :

URxvt*color0: #aabbcc
*.color0: #aabbcc

If your are not using the default terminal it can be set in the terminal setting file itself.

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