Where to look for logs in order to troubleshoot SSTP VPN

Hi, I’m a total Manjaro noob and trying to configure VPN for work. We use SSTP and I’ve downloaded the sstp-client, but get “Activation of network connection failed”. Trying to find some log-files so I can troubleshoot further, and I’ve seen someone mention /var/log/syslog, but I theres no such file. Does anyone know where such logs are written?

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried this way of connecting but am intrigued. Installing sstp-client package and fiddling with it a bit you want to include some options in the command that specifly loglevel and where to log it to. There is no man page but the --help gives some options for this, example:

sstpc --log-level 2 --log-stdout
Dec 14 23:18:53 sstpc[76647]: Waiting for sstp-plugin to connect on: //run/sstpc/sstpc-uds-sock
Dec 14 23:18:53 sstpc[76647]: Resolved to
Dec 14 23:18:53 sstpc[76647]: Connected to
Dec 14 23:18:53 sstpc[76647]: Unrecoverable socket error, 5
Dec 14 23:18:53 sstpc[76647]: Could not perform HTTP handshake with server
**Error: Could not perform HTTP handshake with server, (-1)

This might help to. There seems to be a networkmanger plugin that might help you set it up.