Where to find colorful icons for cinnamon?

It’s kinda strange that i can choose every color i want


This is unfair… so where i can found icons-pack which allow me to use icons every color i want (or at least something that fits to everything like light gray)?

P.S. in fact i want to find papirus-icon-theme(or very similar) but in multiple colors :upside_down_face:

Install mint-y-icons from AUR AUR (en) - Packages

Search Pamac for “papirus-folders.” It’s a command line app but very easy to use. It gives you a wide choice of colors for papirus icons. There’s also the Mint-Yz theme. Do an internet search for that. I’m not sure which colors it offers but I find them much richer, more visually appealing than the default Mint-Y colors.

Once installed all you need for papirus-folders are 2 commands:
papirus-folders -l (for a list of available colors)
papirus-folders -C grey (to change folder colors to grey for example)

I don’t know what you have installed. I assumed you already have the Papirus icon theme. If not you’ll have to install it.

Edit: Papirus-folders is in the AUR so install it with “yay -S papirus-folders”

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