Where to check what happens after laptop was IDLE?

Hello friends.
I’m using Manjaro Qonos (21.2.1) AwesomeWM edition.

When I’m not using my laptop for about 15 minutes it switches off, and after that I have to manually reconnect my Bluetooth keyboard.

I want to know whether my laptop uses “suspend” function or something else, and where/how I can control it?

Hi @chazashleyua, and welcome!

AFAIK when it comes back from sleep you should be able to see why it went to sleep/suspend/whateveryouwanttocallit with:

sudo journalctl --unit=acpid

You can also do it for any other unit.

To find more units, run:

systemctl list-unit-files --all

And that can be sombined with grep to try and finee the units qu9icker. For example;:

$ systemctl list-unit-files --all | grep -i acpi
acpid.service                                                             disabled        disabled

Hope this helps!

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Hmm, I just checked it, and it says

ACPI group/action undefined: jack/lineout / LINEOUT
ACPI group/action undefined: jack/videoout / VIDEOOUT

As I understand, it simply says that sound and video were disabled, but there is no info about what caused it.

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