Where is x86_64 (no desktop) download?

Hello, I almost feel like a fool asking this question, but I’ve spent the last two hours looking for the link to download the .iso file for an x86_64 version of Manjaro Linux with No Desktop. I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve looked in the Mirrors and at third party websites but no luck. Am I missing something obvious? Thank you!

They don’t have one. Use Arch. A default install has no desktop.

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There is at present time no such thing anymore. There used to be an Architect edition with a menu-driven installer that let you customize your installation, but unfortunately the maintainer no longer had the time to continue supporting said edition. :man_shrugging:

There is however still such a thing as manjaro-architect, which is basically the menu-driven installer that the former Architect edition used to use, and if I’m not mistaken, then it’s still supplied as part of the installer ISOs — I’m not sure whether it’s in the minimal ISOs, though. And thus, you should be able to start it from within the live session and use that instead of the regular install with Calamares.

Thank you! It felt like looking for a needle in a haystack!

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