Where is the support?

I started a thread a while ago about my cursor problems - no reply. There has now been another Manjaro update - and do you think it might have fixed the problem? No it did not. Manjaro for me is now awkward to use because the cursor is so hard to control. So I have gone back to Raspberry Pi OS as my daily driver. I can’t believe something like this isn’t jumped on right away - shocking really!

Disappointed former Manjaro user ( it worked well at one time!)

where is your thread asking about this
you could have linked to it

of course we can find it
perhaps there was too little information or the description was not eliciting any recollection of similar things to the readers

this is a forum of volunteers
and your description may have lacked specificity …

bye now!
be well
stay easily disappointed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dang it!

I was never that good at multiple choice questions. :frowning_face:


There has been a couple of threads about cursor issues on the Raspberry Pi ever since FKMS was deprecated. These threads also contained the recommended fix. The recommended fix is even mentioned in the “Known Issues and Solutions” post for each of the announced updates since it was discovered. If you didn’t follow that, then that’s on you. We can’t manage your system. That’s your job.


Thank you - I will check that out.
I find it interesting that all these OS systems have their own little glitches - and all different!
I like Ubuntu, but GIMP will not open
Raspberry pi OS is great but Firefox functions differently (eg - can’t minimize a page)
Manjaro was the best overall until this so I hope I can fix it.

… this could take awhile. The online acronym dictionary lists 131 possible meanings for KMS!

An online dictionary wouldn’t be my first choice when looking for the meaning of terms in relation to Linux :wink:
KMS in that context is very likely to refer to kernel mode setting

… thanks

…took me 3 minutes, because I have no clue about arm. LOL

You may reconsider your attitude :thinking:

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That is the nature of Linux. A long time ago someone pointed me to this page. You might want to read it to understand Linux in general a little more.

Try to relax - most folks don’t work here and just jump on between eating meals and washing their clothes.

Mentioning a previous post is very easy - yet you kind of failed to manage that.

Also, the vast majority of issues with Linux are created by the user directory - did they bother to create a new user account named ‘TEST’ and replicate the issue there? or backup /.config/data to /.config/data.bk and then create another profile?

Never mind, I have you covered - here’s your ultimate SOLUTION

Members of the forum are users - not employees - so demanding help is bad attitude and ranting about the lack response is even worse.

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