Where is the dolphin menu settings file located?

So far I found out by research that the settings for menu of dolphin should be within the file
I have reinstalled Manjaro KDE on my computer. Before I have made a backup of /home directory. After new installation I have copied this file to the new home folder but nothing happened.
Did I do anything wrong or are the dolphin menu settings in a different file? But where?

I think you made a typo. On my system it’s ~/.config/dolphinrc.

You are right. I wrote it wrong but still copying the correct name file does not bring back the menu bar settings as well not the locations shortcuts usually on the left panel.

Have you tried logging out and back in? And while you’re logged out, first switch to a tty with Ctrl+Alt+F2, log in there and clean out your KDE cache… :arrow_down:

rm -f ~/.cache/*.kcache

Then, return to the sddm login screen with Alt+F1 and log in again.

Also, if the Dolphin menu itself is not visible, try hitting Ctrl+M. That usually hides or unhides the Dolphin menu. F9 brings back or hides the “Places” menu on the left.

Locations is not part of this Dolphin settings file. Look in ~/.local/share/user-places.xbel
Same goes for the tool bar, look for <ToolBar> section in ~/.local/share/kxmlgui5/dolphin/dolphinui.rc

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Has no effect at all.

I do not have these folders but /home/user/.local/share/dolphin
Replacing the new installed files with the backup does not change anything.

Did not help as well.

Because my native language and system language is German I may have not exactly translated what I am looking for to get back from my old settings:

  • general settings
  • tool bar - just below the menu - sorry
  • bookmarks, if this is the correct expression I do not know or “places” on the left. They are visible but still not the old list.

You’re doing it wrong I guess.

That’s for sure. But still do not know how to do correctly.

Close Dolphin, replace the files, start Dolphin, enjoy.

The FILES, not FOLDERS. They are FILES.

That always works unless you have something broken. As for replacing the FILES see what omano posted.

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What is the actual problem?

There is ~/.config/kdedefaults with files in it
There is ~/.config/session with a file (pertaining to dolphin) in it
There is ~/.config/dolphinrc
There is ~/.config/kdeglobals

and many more

The defaults are in /etc/skel - many of these files are created when the session is started, they are not part of default settings.

~/.cache can go completely - to start fresh

All of these settings files should only be replaced when the session is not running
(logged out - from a TTY or from a different user account)

… first question is the most important one - what is the matter?

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Thanks to all for your contributions, especially omano as he gave the solution for backing up and recover the dolphin settings for toolbar and panel. I was too tired last night not immediately understanding it correctly.

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