Where is the conky config file in Manjaro i3wm version?

I checked in the etc files and did some general searches. The binary is in /usr/bin/conky but where is the config file?

Also once I found it, this is a pretty basic question but how do I increase the font size, my current resolution makes it hard to make out the stats displayed.

Thanks in advance.

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The configuration file would normally be somewhere in your home directory ─ check ~/.config and ~/.local, or possibly something like ~/.conky.

As for the other question, I 'm afraid I cannot help you with that, but as I understand it, there are several Conky themes one could install, and those will all have human-readable configuration files too.


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Typically you will find it in ~/.config some rare cases it might be installed directly into ~/.conky. In that case i recommend moving it into .config as subfolder conky.

I don’t remember exactly but I can start you on your investigation.

Locate you i3.conf - either in ~/.i3 or ~/.config/i3

Then locate the linje starting the conky - if I recall correct it is a shell script.

Then read the shell script - most likely the shell script will be the launcher - and contain the locaation of the conky identified by the conky binary’s -c argument.

Hint → /usr/share/conky

Where is conky.conf | FAQ · brndnmtthws/conky Wiki · GitHub

To create the default one, run:

mkdir -p ~/.config/conky
conky -C > ~/.config/conky/conky.conf

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The default two conky files that are called upon startup are these:


These files are called by the executable start_conky_maia that is referenced in your i3 config file.

In both of these files there is a font entry, which you can use to change the font family and font size.

In my opinion, the best way would be to copy the contents of these files in your home directory - as other members have already mentioned above - and edit your i3 config file so that it points to the conky file in your home directory at startup.

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Looks like this was the correct answer but there are multiple conky config files:


edit- oh just realized you said conky_maia is the related one. Thanks!

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