Where is the configuration that leaves the default zsh in the installation?

I’m looking and trying to understand, what makes zsh default in the installation of Manjaro gnome, where is it defined, in which file?

I thought it was in the /etc/default/useradd in the SHELL variable, but it looks like it’s not just that.

On KDE it is defined by the “Breath” Konsole profile that comes with the user. I would check your Terminal settings, the same may be true on GNOME.

On KDE you need to create a new Konsole profile and and change the user shell using chsh - otherwise it will take no effect in TTY.

On Gnome it should be enough to execute chsh - but I haven’t been there for a long time - so perhaps more is required.

The settings is defined by the package manjaro-zsh-config - check the package in pamac to see what dependencies and which files is installed and where.

pamac list --files manjaro-zsh-config
pamac info manjaro-zsh-config