Where is Dolphin Touch Support?

The announcement for Manjaro KDE 20.2 Nibia states that there is now “touch support in dolphin (file manager).” I’m running Manjaro KDE 20.2 Nibia on my Surface Pro 4, Core i5 with 16 GB of RAM and using the 5.10 Surface Linux kernel, which enables touch screen support. The default dolphin file manager package on my system (version 20.08.3-1) doesn’t seem to include the new touch support. Am I doing something wrong?

Are you sure that you folks compiled dolphin with touch support enabled? The reason I ask is that I have compiled and tested dolphin with the new touch support in the past. Your dolphin package doesn’t seem to have it…

Manjaro KDE 20.2 Nibia
KDE Plasma Version: 5.20.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.76
Qt Version: 5.15.2
Kernel Version: 5.10.1-arch1-1-surface

Edit: Touch support was added to Dolphin by the KDE Plasma team as part of the KDE Applications 20.12 package. Manjaro 20.2 Nibia (stable branch) shipped with KDE Applications 20.08. I know that KDE Applications 20.12 is currently in the Manjaro testing branch, so I think the Manjaro team jumped the gun with the announcement. We should see improved touch support once the testing packages move to the stable branch, which is probably in the next week or two.

Just for clarity, I have compiled versions of dolphin w/touch support on the same computer. I keep them in my home directory, so as not to affect the default version on the system. Touch support in my compiled versions (20.07 and 20.11) works just fine. However, touch support in the default Manjaro Nibia dolphin package (20.08.3-1) does not, which leads me to believe that you folks compiled/included the wrong dolphin package.

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