Where is AUR compiled package located?

Sorry for the stupid question.
I forgot if I installed most of my aur software using pamac, yay or yaourt. I remembered compiled package are saved somewhere but I forgot where. Where is it?

I wonder if I’m using wrong keyword. I remembered I reading about it somewhere before, but I can’t found it again.

compiled package like .tar.xz where you can double click install with pamac.

Hi @pegasusearl,

I only use pamac, so that’s all I can help you with.

$ cat /etc/pamac.conf
## AUR build directory:
BuildDirectory = /var/tmp

Hope this helps!

There is no default directory, because all packages, the ones from AUR inclusive, install files in different places according to their needs.

List all the packages installed from AUR:

pacman -Qm

Find which files were installed where:

pacman -Ql package_name

Depends on the AUR helper you used, but you can try inspecting pacmans package cache (defaults to /var/cache/pacman/pkg).

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Yes yes it’s there!! found the packages I’m looking for, thank you.

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