Where in System Settings can I set default option for Logout screen?

When I installed a fresh Manjaro KDE on my laptop I could not find where to set the default option for the Logout screen. I want it to be Shut Down instead of Log Out. My desktop runs a Manjaro KDE installed long ago where the default option is set to Shut Down, and I have a vague recollection of setting that somewhere in System Settings.

I compared the settings in my desktop and laptop profiles and found out that ~/.config/ksmserverrc on my desktop contains the setting ‘shutdownType=2’, and the file on the laptop had no such setting. Some experimenting revealed that shutdownType=1 is Restart and shutdownType=0 is Log Out. Not setting shutdownType in ~/.config/ksmserverrc seems to make the default 0 and thus Log Out becomes the default option on the Logout screen.

Has the option to set the Logout screen default been removed from System Settings - Workspace - Startup and Shutdown - Desktop Session ?

These settings are in power management section

Where in these settings can I choose the default for the prompt log out dialog?

The setting you have marked opens the log out dialog, and on my laptop and desktop the chosen setting is already “Prompt log out dialog”. I want to choose the default for the dialog that appears when I press the power button or press Ctr-Alt-Delete.