Where do the repos come from?

Hi everyone! Is there a place I can learn how the Manjaro repos are updated? For instance, who updates the thousands of software in the stable repo?


Lot’s of the part is automated.

The origin of many packages that are build the same are using the Arch’s packages. Arch Linux - Package Search

The packages you isntall from AUR has nothing to do with Manjaro development, they are for all major Arch based distributions.

However Manjaro has more packages than Arch linux has because they are projects Manjaro specific like MHWD.

Thanks for the info! How does someone submit their software to the Manjaro repo (since it is different than arch)?

They are mostly in sync as far as I know.

The packaging is the same, no difference there.

  • what does this software do ?
  • is something new or already known and doesn’t exist in AUR either ?
  • who maintains the software and where is the source located: gitlab or github ?

You can showcase it here in the forum if is yours, and the team will decide about a PCKBUILD.

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Install pacui and browse the installed packages with option 4 X

                         Package manager UI                       
 |     1  Update System            2  Maintain System             |
 |     3  Install Packages         4  Remove Packages and Deps    |
 |     5  Dependency Tree          6  Reverse Dependency Tree     |
 |     7  List Package Files       8  Search Package Files        |
       9  Roll Back System         Z  Fix Pacman Errors 
       Y  Edit Config Files        X  List Packages by Size 
 |     W  Force Update AUR         V  List Installed from AUR     |

  Press number or marked letter             H  Help        0  Quit 

You get the list of installed packages which you can remove (but don’t hit Enter to remove the package, pres Esc instead to leave; or better avoid it and see the alternative). You can enter the first letters or some letters from the middle of the package name and get a filtered list.
(Can’t find a current video how it works.)

[Recommendation]: Select option X List packages by size, it will list the installed packages by size, and you can still filter the list.

 Enter string to filter list > gc  < 10/1372                                                                           
Navigate with PageUp / PageDown. ESC to quit.                                                                     
>   148.88 MiB - gcc-libs                                                                                               
147.32 MiB - gcc                                                                                                    
104.67 MiB - lib32-gcc-libs                                                                                           
5.79 MiB - gcr                                                                                                      
1.33 MiB - libgcrypt                                                                                                
1.12 MiB - libsigc++                                                                                                
0.90 MiB - lib32-libgcrypt                                                                                          
0.73 MiB - gc                                                                                                       
0.38 MiB - gcab                                                                                                     
0.15 MiB - pkgconf                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+  
| Installed package info:                                                                                   1/34 |  
| Name            : gcc-libs                                                                                     |  
| Version         : 10.2.0-3                                                                                     |  
| Description     : Runtime libraries shipped by GCC                                                             |  
| Architecture    : x86_64                                                                                       |  
| URL             : https://gcc.gnu.org                                                                          |  
| Licenses        : GPL  LGPL  FDL  custom                                                                       |  
| Groups          : None                                                                                         |  
| Provides        : gcc-libs-multilib  libgo.so=16-64  libgfortran.so=5-64  libgphobos.so=1-64                   |  |                   libubsan.so=1-64  libasan.so=6-64  libtsan.so=0-64  liblsan.so=0-64                          |  | Depends On      : glibc>=2.27                                                                                  |  
| Optional Deps   : None                                                                                         |  
| Required By     : aom  aspell  atomicparsley  avisynthplus  base  blas  brotli  chromaprint  clucene  db       |  
|                   double-conversion  elfutils  exiv2  fftw  flac  gc  gcc  gettext  glslang  gmp               |  
|                   gnustep-base  gnutls  gptfdisk  graphite-mozilla  groff  gtest  hunspell  icu  intel-gmmlib  |  
|                   intel-media-driver  jack  js60  js68  js78  ladspa  libbs2b  libcdio  libde265  libelf       |  
|                   libgme  libimagequant  libmfx  libmodplug  libnumbertext  libproxy  libreoffice-fresh        |  
|                   libsidplay  libsigc++  libsoxr  libstdc++5  libvoikko  libvpx  libwpd  libwpe  libzen        |  
|                   llvm-libs  lshw  mjpegtools  ncurses  openal  p7zip  pcre  pcre2  poppler  portaudio         |  
|                   powertop  protobuf  rav1e  re2  rubberband  sane  shaderc  smartmontools  snappy             |  
|                   soundtouch  spirv-tools  tbb  thin-provisioning-tools  uchardet  unarchiver  v4l-utils       |  
|                   vamp-plugin-sdk  vid.stab  virtualbox  vmaf  webrtc-audio-processing  wxgtk-common  x265     |  
|                   xapian-core  zeromq  zita-alsa-pcmi  zita-resampler  zxing-cpp                               |  
| Optional For    : None                                                                                         |  
| Conflicts With  : None                                                                                         |  
| Replaces        : gcc-libs-multilib  libgphobos                                                                |  
| Installed Size  : 148.88 MiB                                                                                   |  
| Packager        : Evangelos Foutras <foutrelis@archlinux.org>                                                  |  
| Build Date      : Wed Sep 30 09:38:18 2020                                                                     |  
| Install Date    : Fri Oct 2 01:11:42 2020                                                                      |  
| Install Reason  : Explicitly installed                                                                         |  
| Install Script  : No                                                                                           |  
| Validated By    : Signature                                                                                    |  +----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

And there you see "Packager: ", here it is an Arch packager. For Manjaro packages you will see a packager from the Manjaro Team.

Does @excalibur1234 still work on pacui, I didn’t see much pacui activity what’ve happen to him?

This is in addition to the above responses.

These links are from the main menu:


Manjaro Testing receives Archlinux repositories on a daily basis (if I’m reading the diagram correctly). Does this include community, core, extra? linux-doc is in the Archlinux Core, but not Manjaro. So there is some selection going on?

Update: The above SHOULD HAVE been Manjaro Unstable and not Testing.

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Three was a lot of work on it during bmenu revamp by @pux.

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you can see all pacui-related activity on github:

i have not developed major new features for a while, but pacui is still my favorite “package manager” and i use it almost every day.

i have not taken a look at the github page for a while, it seems there are new pull requests and issues waiting. have to take a look at them…


No problem, I thought you left as your profile is hidden from public :smiley:, the one PR from me is for Arch’s sake. I still cannot wrap my head around that they banished it from AUR.

Yes I do too :slight_smile: excellent script

Not quite. Backup one step in the diagram, you’ll see Unstable gets daily updates. :wink:

Yes, and multilib.

Some Arch-specific packages are not in the Manjaro repo. Some will not work and some are not applicable since Manjaro has it’s own kernel and packages.

Thank you all for the fantastic information!

What about dde himself?

$ pacman -Si deepin-desktop-base
Repository      : community
Name            : deepin-desktop-base
Version         : 2:2020.04.12.2-2
Description     : Base component for Deepin
Architecture    : any
URL             : https://github.com/linuxdeepin/deepin-desktop-base
Licenses        : GPL3
Groups          : deepin
Provides        : None
Depends On      : None
Optional Deps   : None
Conflicts With  : None
Replaces        : None
Download Size   : 15.59 KiB
Installed Size  : 45.78 KiB
Packager        : Felix Yan <felixonmars@archlinux.org>
Build Date      : Fri 26 Jun 2020 05:55:54 AM PDT
Validated By    : MD5 Sum  SHA-256 Sum  Signature
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