Where do I find my "trust level?"

I found a thread that claimed creating tags requires “Trust Level 3,” as well as a closed thread in feedback asking for trust levels being in the FAQ. But nothing regarding where I go to check my status for and/or current progress towards these alleged “trust levels…”

read badges , basic for you (Trust Level 1)

or for geek, add “.json” to user page : https://forum.manjaro.org/u/aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.json

"users": [
"id": 4384,
"username": "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa",
"trust_level": 1
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Look at your profile page. It says you are a “basic user”.

  • TL0 = basic user
  • TL1 = newbie
  • TL2= member
  • TL3 = regular
  • TL4 = leader

Ah so does that mean trust levels are being depreciated and replaced by badges? What about progress towards the next levels?

They are not.

One climbs in trust level depending on one’s activity ─ which includes reading and posting. The highest trust level one can attain is TL3 (“regular”), but TL3 status can also be lost again, depending on one’s behavior and/or activity. One will however normally never fall back below TL2.

TL4 status is assigned by the staff only.

you have a link in “basic” badge :wink: all is explicated

levels are not deprecated, this badge show our progression (notification)
json is explicit : "trust_level": 1 and yes gui is not explicit


I thought the link would have been about what the badge meant; there’s nothing showing any link between trust levels and badges…

I thought this sort of engagement pressure was one of the reasons the open-source/socialist/anarchist/tumblr/etc community are encouraging people to avoid platforms such as Twitter…I just want everything to be easier to find and tagging is a powerful filtering mechanism…Can’t there at least be a place to submit tag requests?

why “pressure” ? here is only “trust”. not as web community but more as in real life.
exists forum feedback if you have requests

I mean the pressure to make new threads and/or reply 24/7 in order to “earn trustworthiness” for doing basic functions such as tagging. That’s not reasonable.

No one puts such pressure on you but yourself.
If you want to help, you are welcome to do so at your own pace. I’m sure tagging isn’t the only thing you are good at. :wink:

big pressure ! link is read ???
for top level 3 :
after 100 days : created 10 post , received 20 likes, and given 30 likes
so is more: connect 4d/7 for read and 1 post by week - it’s more an easy but long way

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I had a Regular badge… One day suddenly it was removed…don’t know why. :thinking: May b I am not that active anymore.

You can apply tags to your post at any trust level. You just can’t create new tags, unless you are higher in the the trust levels. If everyone could create tags, we would have lots of tags that make no sense what so ever.


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