Where did the "mount/unmount" icons on dolphin go?

So dolphin usually looks like this when things are mounted:-


but just recently it has lost the icons. They are still there and active, just they dont show any more?


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Probably this: 453890 – Umount icon unnecessarily shown for internal drives

Things change. Apps change. If something has changed, there is a good chance that it was done so intentionally by upstream (by KDE in this case).

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I doubt it as the icon is still there (it has a tooltip and if you click the area it does try to unmount) so it is there just not visible.

O if you mean it might be an unexpected cause of a fault then yea, maybe.

No idea then. I have that icon on usb drive.

yes, i do on “removable drives” too, just not on any network drives.

Could be a theming issue. You could try to apply the default theme (and check the icons) and then re-apply your customizations.

Ok i tried that. Not the theme. Also the icon does show for “removable devices” but not for “network”


Mounts are a separate category from Removable Devices.

The symbol and option is relegated now to a context menu item.

Umount icon is unneccessary for internal devices.

There not internal devices though, im talking about my nas & lan shares. i mean its not so much that i need to unmount my NAS and LAN connections (although i might) but i do like the bar along the bottom that shows the reported amount of space and used space on the mount.

Also, as i keep saying. the icons are actually there because they have a tooltip and if you press on them they do try to unmount/mount its just that the icon & “used space” bar is invisible!