Where can I publish my reviews, suggestions and comments on this images?

Hi everybody,

Tell me, please, where can I publish my reviews, suggestions and comments on this wonderful [images](Releases · manjaro-arm/gtking-pro-images · GitHub :grey_question:

Nice post and suggestion.

@spikerguy after each stable (for years !) up date I build and test the images I build for my Odroid devices (c2, n2, c4, m1) is it thinkable to share the Images I built to the community ?


Now sure what you mean by that?

Is it whether you should publish it to the community users ?

It’s up to you. You will have to have online storage to upload your images where users can download it but then users should report issues to you and not the forum.

If you want to take responsibility then you can.


thanks for your answer.

As you know I’ m not a dev, sharing my built images (on a dedicated web site is not a problem :-) but provide a support is not thinkable.

I can continue to report the working and not working images, packages, and so on.
Feedback from users is a part of software development.

I report the working situation, images on the odroid forum for the n2, m1 and c4.

Unfortunately nobody created a manjaro arm post for the Odroid c2 in the dedicated odroid forum section.

Missing images (I build for years) on the manjaro web site download page are the n2 and c2, are those images necessary ?

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