Where can i find the manjaro Desktop/WM/... config files?

hello guys, i have installed the manjaro kde minimal some times ago
i want to try the openbox wm so ive done some config
(personal keybinding and …)

long story short i am looking for manjaro desktops/wms/tint2/… config files
do you know where should i look for it?

Look in /etc/skel - there should be some default configs :wink:

there is some zshrc, bashrc and xinitrc
not the deskyop/wm config files

Search for “desktop-settings” packages.

In /etc/skel
there is a .config directory
in which all the default configs can be found

… if you have these desktops/wm’s
or just the desktop-settings packages

You can find the default desktop settings for most Manjaro editions online in Manjaro GitLab:

The Openbox edition seems to be missing from the above GitLab repo, so you can search in @linux-aarhus’s (maintainer of the edition) Codeberg repo here:

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