Where can I find the latest ISO of Manjaro Cinnamon?

You can see the question in the topic title.

I need to reinstall my system, because the latest update broken. So, now I have a not working system.

Thanks in advance.

Here you go. :wink:

Thank you. The image writer in action.
It is from last year december. Seems to me little bit old.

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A newer release is on the way, but it doesn’t really matter much, because the underlying Manjaro system is the same one as in any of the other Manjaro flavors, so you can easily update it. You may need to tend to some .pacnew files and such, but it should be doable. :wink:

I think, I must to update it immediatly after the install. Am i right?

Yes, best is to update it immediately. But the update to the Cinnamon desktop is on the way, as well as a new ISO.

The “is on the way” means let"s say few days?

There is an unofficial (but good!) newer version.

(I’m sorry that there is no full version of it.)

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This I do not know, but it won’t be too long anymore. The current maintainer is @yochanan, and he’s working on it, but he has to do it all by himself. So cut him some slack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and then there’s that. :wink:

Thanks, I give it a shot. Another download :grinning:

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You can put them all on a single USB stick with Ventoy. :wink:

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Thanks, but now i don’t do any experiment with new software. Enough the simple isb image writer.

There’s no experimenting required. ventoy is a proven technology.

You format the USB stick with ventoy, then you open the stick in your file manager, and you simply drag & drop the ISO into that folder. When you then boot up from it, you get a menu with all of the ISOs on the stick.

Hmmm… Format with which filesystem?

You don’t have to worry about that. Put a blank USB stick in the USB slot, fire up ventoy and let it prepare the stick. It will partition the stick and format it (with FAT32). Then you only need to drop the ISOs into the folder on the stick — no traditional “burning” required.

OK. Which package manager should use to install ventoy? Pamac or pacman? I don’t use the built-in graphical one because that wants to install many other softwares, maybe the updates.

sudo pacman -S ventoy


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I started the ventoy application and I put the stick in. There is an install button. Should I use that?

Yes. :slight_smile: