Where can I find NCT6687-R drivers?

Hey guys,
I installed the latest manjaro 20.1 on my computer with AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and a MSI B550 Gaming Edge Wifi motherboard.
I noticed that my cpu fan was spinning quite faster than on windows and at the boot I have a “no irq handler for vector” message. It doesn’t affect the boot except making it longer I guess but in my experience it’s never a good sign.
I googled some of my problems and it seems like my motherboard is using the Nuvoton NCT6687-R I/O controller but the driver it needs doesn’t seem to be in the linux kernel yet. Since the b550 is a relatively recent chipset, I guess the driver could not have been included in the most recent kernel.
Since I found nothing about the nct6687 driver on internet I am turning to you guys, is there a way I could download the driver into the kernel or do I have to wait until the next version of the kernel so it could possibly include it ? Thanks

I don’t know if it’s compatible with your chipset, but the closest thing I could fine was this AUR package:


PS. Remember to install the headers for your kernel version first.

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I found that one earlier but it seems to be for nct67xx controlers and mine is 66xx but anyway I will try this maybe it is better than nothing.

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What happens if you issue:

sudo modprobe nct6775


I installed the nct6675-master-dkms-git as shown above but when I try modprobe i get:

modprobe: ERROR: could not insert ‘nct6775’: No such device

Ah okay. I thought so. :frowning:

@Doidoire, why don’t you just set up your fan curves and other HW setups in your BIOS and be done with it?

That way you can be reasonably sure that your system is protected, and you can comfortably wait until drivers are released for your SIO chip.