Where can I download the checksums for a given iso?

I noticed the sha1 sum on the download page for Manjaro Gnome 64 bit does not match the sum calculated with the downloaded iso. I’ve seen some posts in the past that indicate that the sums on the download page sometimes are not updated when the download links are updated, so I get that it could just be wrong on the page.

However, in the instructions for verifying the sums, it mentioned being able to download the sum files from the same location (in Sourceforge) as he iso downloads. I’m guessing these would be correct for the given download, whereas the page maybe just wasn’t updated. The download link does not point to Sourceforge, though, and I do not see from where I can download the sum files.

Am I missing something? I’m wondering if the instructions for verifying sums need to be updated to point to the download location of the sum files.

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Thanks. I’ve found the Sourceforge files, including the sum files. I should have searched for them before. There probably should be a link to them somewhere on the download page and/or the wiki page about verifying sums, I think.

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I’ve opened a ticket here:

It’s correct for me though.

Maybe you have some “old pages” in your browser cache.