Where can I download the actual Manjaro logo?

Where can I download the current Manjaro logo? I mean the current logo with the slightly rounded corners. I have only found the old square version everywhere on the net.

I am a guru, trust me… Just a little hocus pocus and genius applied, then I’ll have a link ready for you…

Also, you see the logo on this page? Did you think it might be a good idea to try selecting it, and downloading that?
I’m not sure if that qualifies.


There’s one here;


…if you happen to use the Papirus icon theme.

Other icon themes will no doubt have similar offerings; like 128x128 or 256x256 variants, for example.

I use only the breeze-theme, so it doesǹt there.

I see them in the icon folder

Do we have different perceptions? On the DDG search results page, you can only find the old logo everywhere, I don’t know where you got that from.

  1. Search reveals current and past icons available via web search.
  2. Context menu in this web page grabs the actual icon used on this web page.
  3. There are likely other versions on the Manjaro (Github) repos, but I didn’t go that far as I’m not sure which icon is ‘The Manjaro Icon’.

Hier ist ein weiteres Bild, das du möglicherweise verwenden könntest.



It is only 128x128 – I have nothing larger quickly available.


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thanks @soundofthunder , that’s what i’m looking for.

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Haha the one I put in my first post, which is at the top of the forum…


After that, go to Gitlab:

And with all that ugly shadowing; great for the intended purpose as the site logo, but not much else. I usually keep a few collections of OS (and browser) icons for a variety of use cases. Most never get used.

Edit:- Sometimes Wikipedia have decent logo graphics (either as .svg or .png); something to keep in mind for anyone searching for a specific logo.

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Right click on the logo at the top, and select download image. It’s 320x320.

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:rofl: too easy

This :arrow_down_small: is the one with rounded corners, and it’s scalable.


Otherwise the largest I’ve seen is the one on the forum.


Of course, the beauty of svg is that scalability is (arguably) without limit (within practical reason).


I find 256x256 is generally convenient:



Inversion excursion (256x256)


Grab them if you need/want them.


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Thanks to all of you. Couldn’t see the wood for the trees … but @Ben: Your arrogance (not just right now) sucks :face_vomiting:

OMG, ze Dzjurmens ar bek, und zey hav vons uggain forgotten zet zis is ze Inglischer sekshun of ze forum!



This should be the solution. It’s any resolution you want.

And Inkscape is great for an open source GUI for creating and editing SVGs. But it can even convert via command line. (Better than Imagemagick.)

inkscape -w 3840 -h 2160 2022.svg -o logo-4K.png


Right, but with GIMP svg can also be scaled well. That’s enough for me at the moment.