Where are my own Backgrounds stored


A while ago I loaded some old Manjaro desktop backgrounds along with some personal photos onto my Manjaro Gnome.
I lost the originals on a usb stick.

Now I want to copy them to another laptop an cannot find them.

The directory usr/share/backgrounds
only has the installed jpegs but I can choose any and all in the settings / apperance department. They must be stored somewhere.
And no, they’re not in Home / pictures.

So where are they?

Hi @maartin,

Please see if this helps:


Gnome uses /usr/share/ folders (icons and cursors etc) for ‘system’ themes and backgrounds.

I thought it would be the same folder, but for a LOCAL user version, /usr => .local.

So look at ~/.local/share

You’ll see more hidden gems by pressing ctrl+h in your file browser (toggle show hidden files/folders).

However, I prefer (after a few years collecting wallpapers) to keep such valuable resources safe - especially as I often edit my wallpapers, tuning them to suit my style (a bit of focus blur to help conky display, and maybe some darkening around the edges).

So if you find your stuff, I’d stick it on a mounted disk somewhere else - mine’s /mnt/T3/Resources/ and contains all kinds of stuff - including the best cursors EVER created :wink:


:eyes: :smile:


I’ve got terrible self-control when it comes to backgrounds! I’ll never use all I have:

$ find . -name '*.jpg' -or -name '|*.png' -or -name '*.webp' | wc -l

But that’s never stopped me from acquiring more…

Ooooooo, Noooooo… more RABBITS!!!

(Private joke)


Unfortunately the folders were empty

I think the find might work if you give me the command in simple form.
I tried:

find *. Jpeg with and without inverted commas to no avail.

Found it with your help Ben.
Ctrl + H

It’s Home/.local/share/backgrounds

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