Where are KDE icons located?

In /usr/share/applications there are configuration files for different KDE desktop shortcuts that are displayed on the panel or in start menu.

However, I can’t find the location to the icons, as they are not provided with the full path. See:

Exec=/usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird %u

Where is the icon file “thunderbird” located?

Is exactly how is supposed to be, otherwise when changing the icon theme from System Settings, that full path would not be valid anymore but point to a fixed icon …

As always, system installed icon themes are located in /usr/share/icons/ … but what is your exact issue, what are you trying to do?

My icon was missing. The problem was with permissions, so I had to find the files in filesystem. I answered the question myself by looking into the file list under Add/Remove Software dialog (you have 3 buttons, “details”,“dependencies” and “files”. That’s where I found where the icons are installed).
Thanks for the answer anyway.

Hi @asriel,

Am I correct in assuming you’re looking for the location of custom icons? If so, I believe it’s in ~/.local/share/icons/.

Hope this helps!

you can see /usr/share/icons/hicolor/(any-folder)

for example: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/256x256/apps/

I have the same problem in the past :slight_smile:

AFAIK customizations should rather be kept to the home directory…

/usr/share/icons is where icons are installed, with privileges.
/.local/share/icons is another location - which may or may not be included in your snapshotting/backups.

However, to solve many issues with icons, I also have a ‘Resources’ folder on my backup HDD, which also has an ‘icons’ folder - with some icons there dating back to 2007 when I first started archiving favourites…

So if I create a web-app, when I want to add an icon, I can browse to that folder and attach an icon I maybe downloaded.