When will there be update of Pacman to 6.0

Arch Linux has released Pacman 6.0 last week but it is not even on Manjaro Unstable branch.

When Pamac is ready for it. :wink:

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pacman 6 is not stable and requires knoledge to configure it

Care to defend that statement?

Knowledge is also required for correct spelling…


its just a typo

it Requires manual intervention

No it doesn’t, except if you have Pamac installed.

On arch, the only thing was merging the .pacnew file (or maybe not even that, if you didn’t change it). I don’t expect any breakage.

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there was a problem involving yay and pamac or octopi with libalpm.so
solved on arch yesterday

Edit typo

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Pacman 6 initially broke yay on Arch for example. I’m sure it will be pushed out as soon as this is all sorted out.

EDIT: @notageek beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Please see:


From the maintainer:
“The port to libalpm 13 is not trivial and I don’t have a time ATM to do it. Be patient.”


updated yesterday my arch usb install on tty with yay -Syyu and after pacman got updated yay was updated too, with octopi and his dependencies and packages, everything works well now but I don’t have pamac to check the result…
there is also the new pacman.conf to merge

Pamac won’t work because of different library versions.

On arch, there was a small window where it broke yay and paru (and possibly other aur helpers as well) because they were not updated at the exact same time.

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So those are now broken on Manjaro with its old pacman and /usr/lib/libalpm.so

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When running paru -Sua I still get:

error: failed to run custom build command for alpm v2.0.4

And all packages fail to update. Does anyone know how long these things typically take to sort out?

Pacman 6 is still not in Stable branch. It’s in testing and unstable branch.