When will Godot be updated?

I am using the Godot engine and the version that manjaro download install is outdated. How can I contribute to it update the version?

You are on the stable branch, which only releases package updates occasionally (every 2-4 weeks). A few packages, like Firefox, have their updates fasttracked, but everything else is held in place. Godot isn’t considered important enough to get this treatment.

If you want to get Godot 4 now instead of waiting, you have two options:

  1. Download the Flatpak version of Godot. It has already been updated to 4.
  2. Switch to the testing branch. It is recommended to only do this if you are an experienced Linux user.

Packages, as already mentioned, get first updated in unstable and testing branches before they reach stable branch …

I know how to get I just want to know how I can help the fast track

Install the Testing branch on a machine and give feedback regularly.

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There is no helping the fast track, it is only for very specific packages or critical hotfixes. As for the normal track, you can help a little by moving to the testing branch, but ultimately stable updates are released when the packages contained therein are ready, no sooner.

Godot 4 is a bit unlucky in this regard because it released around when Plasma 5.27 did, and the stable update is being delayed to make sure 5.27 is solid.