When will be audacity 3.0 in the repos?

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when will come the current version 3.0 from audacity in the repos?

pamac shows me only the version


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audacity package is inherited from arch linux … Dave will, probably, take care of it soon.


Thank you very much for this info @bogdancovaciu :grinning:


Well, it depends. It was flagged out-of-date on 2020-06-27 …

AUR (en) - audacity-git
Arch Linux - audacity 1:2.4.1-4 (x86_64)

EDIT: Corrected link

But we are talking about an official package here, isn’t it? Also usually AUR’s git packages can’t be out-of-date by definition…

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Actually it is the official package that is flagged out of date since 2020.

I guess with the link Phil meant to say that there is a git package in the AUR in case you’d want to install the latest version…

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Yes, I would prefer audacity as an official package. I try to install V3.02 from AUR.

Thanks for your support :+1:


Ok. That’s make more sense :smiley:

I tried to install audacity-wxgtk2 3.0.2-1 from AUR with pamac, but the installation dosent work.

Now I installed " audacity-alien 3.0.2-1" from AUR with pamac and it works fine:



There are several problems with packaging Audacity

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I tested it with some of my audacity - projects and all works fine :slight_smile:

For example:


Maybe we should try the PKGBUILD from KaOS …

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Unless they fail to build, which was the case until minutes ago

I have copied the flag that I was missing from KaOS pkgbuild, while also enabling to build against Gtk3 instead of Gtk2 Update audacity-git · FabioLolix/PKGBUILD-AUR_fix@56c2ddd · GitHub

2 more options are Snap and Flatpak:

Snap: Install Audacity for Linux using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Flatpak: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

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Arch repo not getting updated due to upstream build issues apparently…

audacity is stuck on 2.4.1 for months now, due to upstream build issues

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i’m not sure i WANT the new version:


edit: it looks like the telemetry has to be enabled at compile time and defaults off, so whoever builds it for arch will ?probably? not do that?


To expand on what @steanne said.

Audacity has been bought Muse Group, and they want to make Audacity phone home: system details and errors (opt-in), IP on use (opt-out).

There is a fork here:


That’s an overreaction. Audacity can be built without the “telemetry”: [Fedora-legal-list] Re: Audacity is no longer free - legal - Fedora Mailing-Lists

There’s no need for a fork to be used, and this “telemetry” is completely reasonable, it’s simply being taken out of proportion: Clarification of Privacy Policy · Discussion #1225 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

In their latest policy update, they forbid people under the age of 13 to use Audacity, and the telemetry seems to be there for good.

I don’t think there is an over reaction, it’s been multiple months now that they are going against FOSS mentality.


This is purely there because of the GDPR restriction that collecting IP addresses is personal data. The only reason they collect IP addresses is because of the very nature the internet works, please tell me how you’re supposed to check for updates without revealing your IP address.

If you’re going against Audacity because of the 13 year limit, might wanna go against Signal, Steam, Openshot, Firefox, Bitwarden, Element/Riot, LineageOS and basically every piece of software that connects to the internet in some way and has a legal team that has done their homework.

Please do not form a double standard, and understand that these are all due to legal restrictions by GDPR, not because the company behind Audacity has a vendetta against 12 year olds.