When will a package go to testing branch from unstable branch?

It has been 20 days since last testing branch update, which is a much big delay, since testing update is usually every 7-10 days. Then I go to unstable branch and I get updates every day. I wonder when will a package go to testing branch from unstable branch, why is the testing branch not updating?

For example: linux517 5.17-4, KDE Gear 22.04, Plasma 5.24.4, KDE framework 5.93

Branch compare: Install manjaro-check-repos and type mbn-gui, you can find that testing is equal to stable and has ~2800 packages different from unstable

its what you failed to mention; gnome 42. (i’m guessing you are plasma user, well when promoting stuff from unstable to testing it happens to entire repo and not just package groups like gnome, kde, etc.) from the chatter there are lots kinks in gnome 42 yet to be dealt with and pretty sure it’ll be available soon.

curious why you moved from unstable to testing back(if you did), because ppl simply move into unstable and stay there, when they see it is all pointless skepticism that kept them away

No, I am using unstable now.

Thanks, I indeed use KDE plasma. How to see the chatter to see how it has developed?

I didn’t know where to post it. Please, move it to a proper place.

Almost 3 weeks have passed since the last update. Previously, updates were every 5-6 days on average, now nothing. I checked the unstable branch and there are TONS of new packages there, over 2GB of download but nothing is pushed through to testing.

What is happening?

Testing branch became so old and out of date compared to AUR. This could make some updated AUR packages not working. This was normal on stable branch, but testing was usually more or less up to date, but not anymore.


I guess it’s Gnome 42 that’s stopping the show.

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I use Plasma, so I’m not up to date what is happening on GTK side nowadays.

Our update cycle is tied to GNOME and Plasma releases so it’s pretty normal when we wait for one or another.


Since when?
Like I said, testing updates were always every few days. I know, because I’m using testing branch a second year now. I don’t recally such big pauses, althought various releases were also happening in that time and nobody was waiting for them, at least it wasn’t visible for the user.

Also, what would be the reason for holdup and syncing with some releases? I get that in order to get all packages and avoid instabiliity, a few days wait is needed, but that’s all. 3 weeks doesn’t sound like waiting for a release.

I assume, I’m missing something?


Can you push Plasma updates first? Like, you know, 2 testing updates.

While I agree it’s been a unusually long period between testing updates any programs on AUR that you installed aren’t going to be reliant on when Majaro updates. They will still update and pull in what they need.

That’s not correct. AUR is aimed only at arch and assumes the most recent version of Arch packages installed.
If stable/testing branch becomes outdated, they do not work anymore and can’t be rebuild because the right dependencies can’t be found because they didn’t land in testing yet.

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Exactly. If that happens, the updated AUR package simply won’t run, because some specific version of library is missing. I have that now with thunderbird-appmenu-bin. I had to downgrade it and I can’t update it without Manjaro update.

Of course, I could switch to unstable and get those updates immediatelly. However, if there is no strong pressure, I prefer to wait for testing. I know from experience that unstable branch can be really unstable (missing complimentery packages, packages with serious bugs/borked, etc.). I had in the past “pleasure” of installing update with buggy package that broke the system. This bug was fixed few hours later so if I had waited those few hours with update, everything would be fine, but no… I wanted to get the latest packages ASAP ;). In a nutshell, unstable branch is OK but advanterous and for those who have more time dealing with occasional issues. Testing branch is much safer and serious bugs tend to occur no more than once a year or so.

It’s amazing that Manjaro has waited at least up to weeks in the past before releasing a new testing update and I have had AUR packages update in the interum and never had them break when Manjaro finally does a testing update.

Have to agree with @Locutus. Maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve been on testing for 2 years and haven’t had any aur breakages yet. I know it can happen of course, i just don’t think it happens very often

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In fact, unstable is not so unstable as you think. I often turn to unstable and I never met system crashes. Maybe the true bleeding edge bugs has been solved before pushing into unstable branch.

Well, I also turn on unstable for Plasma releases ;), but then I switch back to testing a few days later.

I was using unstable for many months and yeah, it’s doable, but the frequency of various issues was incomparable with testing. Then I decided, I just don’t have time for it and I live happily on testing, which suits me fine.

Of course, all issues can be handled with backups or chroot, so it’s not all so bad, but again, one needs to have time. If you really need to work right now and you are restoring backup or browsing forums for searching fixes, you are doing it wrong ;).

P.S. Yay, testing update! Backup running ;).