When waking from hibernation, odd behaviour

so sometimes when i wake from hibernation i am able to just hit the escape button to wake and then escape again to bring up login screen and just type in password, however sometimes it doesn’t work i can hit escape to wake machine but then i have to move the mouse to bring up password box and click on the box to enter the password. not sure what logs would help with that. but let me know and ill get em for you. pretty sure that all my system stats are in my profile not sure if that’s easy to see or if you would like them posted. going to read the rules and come edit the post after my doc appoint but i might forget so apologies in advance if i don’t.

Weird description of an “issue” - to me.
Why would you want to interfere with the wake-up/restoration process
and expect consistent results?

… just have it (the system) come back up?

It’ll probably be presenting you with a locked session - but that is configurable.
Why would you want to interfere while the process is going on?

So to sum up …

  • keyboard alone does not wake
  • must use mouse for waking
  • user/login is not highlighted (must click password box)


its an issue because it happens at random intervals so sometimes i can just hit escape to bring up the login password prompt and sometimes i have to move the mouse

I am not trying to interfere with that process i would like to try and figure out why it works one time one way but then the next time it won’t work the same way and i didn’t change anything and the computer was in hibernation. if that makes it more clear

yes and no computer always comes out of hibernation or sleep or what not with the keyboard, but then to get the login password box to come up sometimes the keyboard works and sometimes it doesn’t when it doesn’t i have to use the mouse. i simply find switching back and for from the mouse to the keyboard i loose my finger positions causeing me to miss spell words.
navigation with the keyboard is simply faster
why does the keyboard work sometimes but not others?

From what I know, KDE presents you with the system state it was in when it went into hybernation. Maybe that causes the different behaviour. And, of course, there may also be settings relevant (System Settings/Hardware/Energy Management) for what happens when it wakes up again. And the hardware…

My wife and I have each one PC which uses the hybernation, but she can wake it up with a move of the mouse while I have to press the power button, because using mouse or any keyboard key won’t do anything on my PC once it hybernates. I haven’t seen any settings for this, so I guess this is depending on the hardware.