When updating i get error about broken dependencies for Kservice and kios and migui

Hoping somebody can send me a quick instruction on how to resolve these errors

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Sure, as soon as you show us the quick error messages. :stuck_out_tongue: But then again, a quick search on the forum — as the post template told you to do — might already yield an answer, given that your thread title provides a couple of vague clues.

Yet, our crystal ball is currently in for its annual maintenance, so you’ll have to be more specific.

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What errors? You have not provided any information for us to help us help you.

Please see:

could not satisfy dependencies:

  • removing kxmlgui breaks dependency ‘kxmlgui’ required by libkipi
  • removing kservice breaks dependency ‘kservice’ required by libkipi
  • removing kio breaks dependency ‘kio’ required by user-manager

thanks for the quick responses

libkipi was dropped as a KDE dependency a long time ago, even though it still exists in the AUR. user-manager is neither in the repos nor in the AUR, so it’s probably obsolete as well. I advise to uninstall both. :point_down:

sudo pacman -Rns libkipi user-manager && sudo pacman -Syu

Thank you I will do that

Mind you that the problems you’re describing also suggest that you have not been keeping your system up to date, and I suspect that you also haven’t been tending to any configuration changes.

Manjaro does require being kept up to date and being maintained, and if this is inconvenient for you, then perhaps you would be better off with a non-rolling distribution. Please take the time to read the following short essay to understand why. :point_down:

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I came form a linux mint environment and Debian before and I will always use it as I hate Mac and Windows. I do however have a difficulty finding time for maintenance. Appreciate the help and the advice.

The perhaps a point-release distribution would be a better choice for you than a rolling-release distribution. But that said… :point_down:

Have you been able to update your system now?

Apologies but I had to step away. I am back at it now and it looks like it is updating. I will confirm when its done

Updating was successful. Thanks so much. If it turns out it is too much for me I will go back to another distro but Id like to give this a bit more time and effort. Best Regards, Greg


Best approach is to read posts 1 and 2 of each update announcement on this forum, before updating. That is where potential issues and required manual intervention steps are set out (your libkipi issue was listed there quite a few updates ago). Wait a few days after the update announcement before updating.


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