When trying to overwrite pulseaudio, error comes in

I have a problem here, when I tried to overwrite pulseaudio files for specific reasons, an error comes in: ‘No polkit authentication found’. I did try to search what is a polkit and everything, downloaded the polkit auth agent for xfce and it still did not work. please help

are you trying to change Pulseaudio configuration in system files ?
usually /etc/pulse/daemon.conf or /etc/pulse/default.pa

It may be better to copy the configurations to home folder and customise configuration in home folder (keep system configuration as default for a backup)

cp /etc/pulse/daemon.conf ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf
cp /etc/pulse/default.pa ~/.config/pulse/default.pa

Customised Pulseaudio configuration in user home folder will override system configuration when pulseaudio is restarted

systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

see man pulse-daemon.conf and man default.pa for more information about these configuration files

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