When to use yay, when to build yourself?

Hi all,

I just had a “fun” time installing this application from the AUR

Eventually I stumbled upon a page which informed me to install using yay. I am curious how me being a n00b is supposed to know when to use yay or when to just go ahead and use makepkg?

Officially, AUR helpers such as yay are unsupported. The “proper” procedure involves manually building the package with makepkg.

Practically, most AUR helpers now simply automate the steps – some time ago, a few helpers actually added custom steps that could contribute to fail builds.
You can prefer using a AUR helper, though if a build fails, it may be worth trying the proper way.


Thanks for the response. I seemed to have forgotten that makepkg -i does the same thing as pacman -u pkgname.tar… . I was getting caught there, thank you for your guide too. I bookmarked it in case I run into the same problem.