When steam is open audio crackles in discord

I’ve reinstalled steam and discord and killed pulseaudio like a million times I cannot think of what the problem could be.

This might help.


try running discord with PULSEAUDIO_LATENCY_MSEC=60 variable set, see if it goes away then.

Discord often likes to make very low latency requests which can cause issues both in itself and in other audio streams, forcing it to use a specific latency like that prevents it from doing just that, so if that is the reason for your problems then this should solve the issue.

If you experience any similar issues with Chromium, run that with --audio-buffer-size=2048 argument, assuming that you’re using chromium at all that is.

I have posted a few times on this forum about using systemctl --user restart pulseaudio instead of pulseaudio -k or pulseaudio --kill

PulseAudio/Running | Archwiki

I suggest you reboot system and check systemd pulseaudio.service is not Inactive (dead)

systemctl --user status -l --no-pager pulseaudio*

and please post system information

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