When launching davinci resolve 18, it says "Check drivers and GPU configuration in settings"?

in davinci resolve it writes “Check drivers and GPU configuration in settings” I went into the config I thought my discrete video card was not selected I see there are no video cards at all I’m sitting for 2 days I don’t know what to do with this I looked at other people’s answers to questions but I don’t have a prime I don’t know why and I understand it should appear when updating drivers help I’m waiting for any help on this topic.

Sorry, I don’t know English well because I live in Ukraine

What do you mean with “you don’t have prime”?

Please provide the necessary information from this post: [HowTo] Request support

Prime is mostly used on laptops. As it seems the app doesn’t find your GPU for some reason. With Nvidia cards the proprietary driver might be better as we removed patented video codecs from regular Mesa a while ago.

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I will know thanks more

KDENLIVE also provides interesting results.
You can find KDENLIVE in adding/removing programs throught system-configuration of Manjaro-Kde packages.