When latte-dock auto-hides, it gives glitches to other blur applications

I have just started using Manjaro KDE. Have installed package latte-dock-git first, then removed and installed latte-dock (community). Both of them have given the same glitches. My latte-dock is set to auto-hide.
When my other blur theme applications are open such as dolphin/konsole, and if I move down to see my dock, it appears perfectly but when it auto-hides it leaves behind weird rectangle (different level of blur).
This gets annoying because my latte-dock has 2 panels (top+bottom), and since both are auto-hide, I get weird rectangles on top as well as bottom.
Sometimes the glitch stays for just a second, but sometimes for longer period flickering.

Any advice towards this will be appreciated. Thank you!
And also I couldn’t upload video and images even though having an option to upload, since got an error “You cannot embed images”

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