When is a stable Pinephone supposed to come out?

I’m on the verge of needing a new phone;
currently running a Blackberry OS one,but its Andorid apps support is only untill 4.2(3),so i can’t really install recent APKs.
i want to use Sailfish os,but the Sony Phones are a bit expensive,and since i don’t really care about Smartphones(previously had a Firefox OS one),a Pine phone would be enough for me(i think).

i assume the Manjaro phone has some Android support right?anonbox or something?

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Not ready to use as a actually phone the last I read. But that was nearly one year ago.

I more incline to get the Pinebook Pro anyway.

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When is a stable Pinephone supposed to come out?

When it’s ready



If you have some experience with Linux, the PinePhone will be an interesting new smartphone for you. However, I recommend waiting for the PinePhone Pro.

If you have little experience with Linux and/or want a smartphone that more or less just works, I recommend you take a closer look at one of the Devices supported by Ubuntu Touch.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask on the forum.


I was unaware that Pine64 was working on the Pinephone Pro. What are the known Specs?

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The last I checked, the Company used a Build to Order process. They wait until so many Orders come in, and then they are made in China, and sent to US or EU.

Small Company with small funding. So they basically can’t request pallets of Products ahead of time.

At first they were selling the Pine64 SBC and the ~$100 Pinebook. The SBC did well, but the very basic notebook was really limited due to only 2GB of RAM and slow SoC.

Once the Pinephone/Pro is working as a Smartphone I might consider buying one.

That’s the questionable note:

  1. it’s the question when you want to start ti use your phone as private device

  2. if all will wait for top level hardware, then the project unfortunately could close faster without current nowadays funding, so nobody (current developers, testers, current customers and further possible customers) will not get device for such purpose. It is a bias for each user - what they want more: hardware first or privacy first.

Privacy of course. I myself don’t need a high end Smartphone. I live in a Downtown area and Pricey phones will draw the notice of thieves.

I’m careful about what I look up on my smartphone.

Stability on the Pinephone also depends on the users expectations.

If you expect a smooth modern user interface with which you can replace all the functions of your android or ios device, you will not be happy with the pinephone.

The Pinephone, especially with Manjaro Phosh, is in a relatively stable state - at least in terms of basic functionality like calling, texting, audio playback and web browsing.

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