When I close my laptop the wifi doesn't work

When I close the screen of my laptop it naturally turns off the wifi, and the laptop goes into standby, the problem arises when I reopen the computer as the wifi no longer activates either manually from its specific button, or virtually by clicking on the wifi box.

Is there any way to fix this?
Is there any way to not have to reboot every time I close the screen and the wifi freezes?

It used to give the same problem with other operating systems mounted on the same computer.

Thanks in advance.

perhaps you have to set up an event to be executed before shutdown/sleep/hybrid sleep
and another to run at wakeup
perhaps you’ll find it here - or close to it

I tried that and I don’t think that’s the problem.

I’ve also tried unlocking the wifi with unblock all and nothing, it doesn’t work.

You tried what?

It obviously still doesn’t work - for you.

What do you think is the problem? :wink:

I tried checking the laptop settings when it shuts down, but other than the battery, screen, standby, and stuff, I couldn’t find anything about wifi.

My guess is that the problem lies in the hardblock or softblock that auto-activate when the screen is turned off.

:wink: ?