Whatsapp for Linux lacks 2 important things

I don’t know why, but i’ve seen that what i can’t do is:

  1. Paste clipboard images into a conversation so i can send them directly when printing screen for example
  2. Can’t record audio messages

Any idea of how to fix that?

I am able to do this.

But not this.

Oohhh…i’ve looked in the GIT that it seems they’re looking how to solve that, but need help since January 2021 :S hope someone can help them, cause it’s a very important thing to have i think.

Meanwhile, anyone have another alternative?

That one is dead for more than a year :S isn’t there one that is fully functional?

Maybe just this?

I don’t use sound, so can’t comment on that, as I don’t know.

I use Ferdi, and it works like a charm! Just tested and I could Copy & Paste images just fine!

I obviously don’t know from experience, but I think the recording would work.

There’s also a .AppImage that I use. One of the few .AppImages I use…


Es justo todo lo que esperaba y más!!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! ya no necesito apps individuales con Ferdi… :smiley: soy fan!!

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