Whatsapp does not start complaining Google Chrome version must be 49+; my Google-Chrome version is 85

My Whatsapp for Web Desktop does not start complaining Google Chrome version must be 49+, while my Google-Chrome version is 85.

I downloaded and installed the latest versions of whatsapp-web-desktop and google-chrome from AUR via git clone a few minutes back, and now Whatsapp does not start any longer. Google Chrome itself starts well and reports version 85.xx

I request any assistance in sorting this issue.

Thank you,
Manish Jain

There’s a WhatsApp dark in the aur that works really well and doesn’t need chrome

Is whatsapp-nativefier-dark at the AUR package repo what you talking about ?

Yes it works really well

Do you mean whatsapp-nativefier AUR?

this is an old issue (Nativefied WhatsApp Web shows need for Google Chrome 49+ · Issue #852 · jiahaog/nativefier · GitHub and AUR (en) - whatsapp-nativefier)

Some workaround is use ALT which shows the “edit” menu, Clear App Data is the last submenu , every time 49+ error appear.

Problem resolved. I have switched to whatsapp-nativefier-dark with success.

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Thanks all.

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