What's up with those stupid names for new distro's?


Always amazed when seeing new distro's with really "clever and catchy" names. Screenshot_2019-04-20_08-24-40
Seems like a contest :laughing: or a medication list

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They certainly wouldn't be my first choice for a distro name, but I'm pretty sure we're supposed to steer clear of distro bashing on thread topics.

Of course you can't possibly beat Hanah Montana for the all time best distro name. :smile:


It's not bashing, just an observation :wink: feel free to delete it


Your first example doesn't seem to have a stupid name at all:

Asril OS developed by Asril Marhamah with Asril OS Development Team

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For instance Ignis (even tho in romanian would be written Igniş) is a mountain peak near my region, part of Carpathian Mountains.

Totally unrelated to the Suzuki Maruti Ignis

None of those related to the latin ignis fatuus aka a light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground.

And now as a Linux Distro ...
It only demonstrates that even with the multitude of languages, good names are limited, especially if someone is looking for significance of the word itself :wink:


Semantics OS then? :wink:


I wouldn't run a Semantics OS as i would not know what to interpret from it ... :slight_smile:


People complained about Ubuntu, what the heck was that?

If distro is any good people just let it pass :slight_smile:

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What’s up with those stupid names for new distro’s

This is not bashing? Stupid names for distro's?
I think it is more a matter of what you don't know, you don't like. It's a distro for the Indonesian market with typical, for Indonesians, important things on board. I think you owe the Indonesian people an apology.


stupidOS (tm) :stuck_out_tongue:

also cool & catchy names are hard to get copyrighted, if you know how to do please tell ...


Respect Other Distributions and Operating Systems

Discussion of the pros and cons of other GNU/Linux distributions and operating systems is allowed. Maligning other GNU/Linux distributions, or any other operating systems is prohibited. The entire Manjaro team is happy to volunteer their time and energy to provide you with the Manjaro Linux distribution, documentation and forums. Kindly show respect toward the developers and volunteers of other distributions and operating systems as well. Views, experiences and opinions are always welcome, but unproductive slander is not.


For the longest time, I couldn't figure out or understand what Manjaro was or meant.
Name that Manjaro:Origin of Name "Manjaro"?
And for unusual names look at Manjaro release names:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manjaro


You should try rebeccablackOS which is a truly unique distro in that you can only download it on a Friday or a Saturday.


Maybe the problem is one that we faced many years ago, with database schemas. We learned to never make the primary key a meaningful field, because someone would want to change it...messing up our keys.
Similarly, maybe the we should just concede that distro editions should either be named 1.2.5 (meaningless but distinct) or just accept that the quaint human pronounceable names are indeed, truly meaningless.

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Calm down. Admin can delete the thread just like a suggested in my previous post, if it's offending. Get a sense of humor. Chill.


Oh so you think you can just come here and write down whatever it is you want to write, say an admin can delete it WHEN it is offensive and get away with it? Well, that's not how this works.
For your information, I have a great sense of humor, I don't need to get one. You on the other hand, have absolutely no sense of humor.
If this is the input we can expect from you then do everyone a favor and stay away from this forum.

It's unfortunate that I can't write the words here I want to write or this would be a completely different story.


I think this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship. Get a blog.
@jonathon Please delete this thread.


I think this thread backfired.

What should have been a light-hearted look at how ridiculous/contrived some naming can be it ended up causing offence.


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