What's up with Arch Linux ARM forums?

Has anyone else found they get ignored on Arch Linux ARM forums, or is it just me? I’ve not even mentioned that fact that I’m using Manjaro.

Maybe they found out. Don’t post issues there if you have the issue with other distro’s than Arch.

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I posed about a problem with the PKGBUILD they have for the Vivaldi browser in their repos on November 11th. I also posted about an AUR PKGBUILD I maintain that they could use in place of this to remedy the problem on the same date. Vivaldi has only just disappeared from the Arch Linux ARM repos (I note, having just checked), but no-one replied to either of these posts on the forums… just the sound of silence. Strit replied almost straight away when I mentioned there was a problem with the package in the Manjaro ARM forums (which we take from Arch Linux ARM) and blacklisted the package.

I dunno, I guess I just find it frustrating. I try to give back to the Manjaro/Arch community where I can, and in this case I was trying to solve a problem where it existed… upstream, but I feel I just came up against a wall of silence.

Its very rare i venture in arch forums no matter what distro im running. Unfortunately there is very much an elitist attitude amongst a great deal of them. If you’ve only been ignored your lucky, I’ve seen many a person roasted alive for next to nothing.

In the Arch Linux ARM forums defends… It’s not the most active forum out there. I see many posts there, that go un-replied to for weeks, where the issue is something like “Thunderbird no longer launches”, which you would think was a big deal. But it seems it’s not.


I’m not sure that’s a defence so much as a second acknowledgement of the issue.

From my understanding that just read and fix it and not get involved in the forum.
I was like that before, sometimes I just do the same at my professional job. I would listen to them and fix it without telling anything. Users come to know when it’s fixed when they try it.

Well it have always been this way, I guess.

Anyways they’re doing what they can with arch project and I think they’re doing a great job at it. It is very hard to give time to development and forum suport when all we have is our free time after work.

Let’s not discuss this further. It would be better to raise this issue in arch forum instead. Coz I don’t want manjaro forum to look bad to the arch devs.

Should I close this topic? @Strit and @Feakster


Yeah. Feel free. I just wanted to hear other people’s experiences in using the Arch Linux ARM forums. You can delete the thread if you think it may end up looking bad.