What's the status of KDE 6 for the latest Manjaro?

Hey everyone
I’m just wondering what the status of KDE6 is for the latest manjaro? As in when can we expect it will be available in updates?


It’s being tested. It’s in the testing branch since march see [Testing Update] 2024-03-16 - Kernel, Calamares, Mesa, Plasma 6, KF 6, KDE Gear 24.04, LibreOffice

If you want to switch see Switching Branches - Manjaro. But I’d suggest hanging in there until the Manjaro team is confident to bring it to stable.


as @VanC pointed, it’s still avaiable in the testing-branch. the main problem isn’t plasma-6 itself but a lot of applications need the porting to qt-6/plasma. imho no need to hurry switching to plasma-6 but if you’re interested switch to testing-branch (be aware to create a backup before switching).


After Plasma 6.0.4, performance and stability were improved, I’m daily using Unstable branch on my laptops (intel iGPUs), and it runs smooth and fast compared to 5.27, many things were fixed and added, so I can say that KDE team did really an impressive job.


The theme things have been handled I think.
Its really in the last week that some QT/libplasma bugs were extra problematic and even then only for wayland.
nvidia+wayland problems are not really plasma specific.
But on both those last 2 points - manjaro has overlaid plasma-workspace now so it defaults to the X11 session, no matter how you feel about that :stuck_out_tongue:.

But with most of the important things that bother me already fixed … those of us already using plasma 6 are just waiting on the next release I guess. Which is within the next 2 weeks or so.

PS. Just checked and it would seem the upstream release will go from 6.0.4 to 6.0.5 on 25-05-2024


you’re on stable, if you want to use it and test it move to un stable branch, once its ready after testing it will come to the stable branch, im actually about to switch to un stable soon to help out the community more

EDIT: I meant testing branch i’m sorry

I imagine Plasma 6 isn’t too far away from Stable branch. I switched my AMD mini-PC (no Nvidia GPU) from Stable to Testing yesterday, and apart from one (fairly major) issue described below, and having to find alternatives to some of my plasmoids/widgets, Plasma 6 (on Wayland) has been a much better than I expected experience.

The issue I had was when I rebooted after the change to Testing/Plasma6, when SDDM wouldn’t launch, thus giving me no login screen. I had to Ctrl-Alt-F3 to a TTY session, and tried startplasma-wayland which gave me an error message containing the lines:

Error: could not determine $DISPLAY.
Error: Can not contact kdeinit5!
org.kde.startup: “kdeinit5_shutdown” QList() exited with code 255

However, I was able to start an Xorg Plasma session with the command startx, and once I was logged in I removed kinit (5.115.0-1), rebooted, and was then able to log successfully via SDDM into a Plasma 6 Wayland session. An alternative to logging in to an X-session could have been to use my live USB to manjaro-chroot into my installation & remove kinit that way.

Obviously a black screen instead of a login GUI will be a problem for a lot of users, so once issues like that are worked out, then Plasma 6 should be rolled out to Stable.

You probably also could have booted into runlevel 3 to do so.
kinit(5) is of course for … plasma5. It should not continue to exist on a plasma6 install.

I just went back through my logs and it looks like it was removed during my operation of

sudo pacman -Ru kf5

I’ve never booted into runlevel 3 before, so thanks for pointing that out.

I just ran the command you suggested to remove kf5 & associated packages, so hopefully Plasma 5 leftovers won’t be causing me any further issues.

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