What's the download URL of manjaro on GitHub/Lab as download.manjaro.org is down?

what’s the download URL of manjaro XFCE, Gnome, KdE on GitHub/Lab as download.manjaro.org is down ?


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Maybe you will want to test this


Not in GitHub/Lab, but the links in this post by @bogdancovaciu are probably the latest stable version (21.0.7), not sure though.:sweat_smile:

Thanks I wanted the stable releases, not the unstables

This might not be a very good question, but I am unable to complete downloading the RC .iso.z01 and .iso.zip in KGet (even tried in IDM in Windows but failed) [The download gets up to ~90% and then halts]. Is there any other source other than GitHub where-from I could download the RC ISO?

I don’t use a download manager, jut the built in browser one. Maybe try that. There are no other sources for those builds. We use them for tests in most cases, till is no longer RC and becomes a release, then is available via the official page and torrents.

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OK. I shall try the good old Firefox then.🥲
P.S. - Download successful. Thanks a lot.

Sorry to disturb, but how should I extract the downloaded files?

7z e manjaro-kde-21.1-210728-linux513.iso.zip

returns error as,

And Ark simply says, "Multi-disk archives not supported"

Download both .z01 and .zip file.
Then do cat file.z01 >> file.zip. Now you can extract it.

I have downloaded two files in the folder, i.e. manjaro-kde-21.1-210728-linux513.iso.z01 and manjaro-kde-21.1-210728-linux513.iso.zip.
Now, while running the cat command, should I change the name of the output file since a file with name manjaro-kde-21.1-210728-linux513.iso.zip already exists?

pamac install p7zip
and then from the folder you downloaded the files you run:
7z x *.z01
Personally i made an alias in .bashrc

alias z0='7z x *.z01'
so each time i do z0 i have the multifile archives extracted


Thank you! Successfully unzipped the iso. You are a lifesaver.:grin:

7z t filename.zip
7z t filename.z01
are also works fine in finding other (next/prev) part(s) w/o any concatenation of files or using of 7z x.

7z e filename.zip
7z e filename.z01
are works also.

That could simplify extracting process w/o preparation of aliasing and concatenation to check/extract directly after download.

We are in the 3rd decade of 21st century. User’s frequent operations should be more and more easier/flexible by default comparing to past, if a software is developing.

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