How to download the Manjaro ISOs as fast as possible world-wide?

In China, in the first few months I suddenly couldn’t find any manjaro iso at some mirror sites I don’t know why or what happened. It seems that manjaro iso has been removed
and I can’t access the manjaro download page . It’s very slow.


So you can’t access this page at all ?

Direct link to ISO
direct sig file
torrent file

Minimal ISO direct link
Minimal sig file
Minimal torrent file

The CDN77 links should be very fast all over the world. If not, try the torrents.
Hope this helps!


If you’re within the Great FireWalll of China, you should give preference to the Torrent links above and keep seeding the torrent until you’ve reached 110% of seeding rate.

The more people within :cn: that use these, the faster those links will become (If everyone keeps seeding)


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Thanks for remaining, now, I can use the torrent file sent to me by others to download the iso file (but I still can’t download the torrent because this GFW)

I don’t understand your current predicament:

  • the Torrent file is just a few bytes through the GFW and all the other data gets sent around within China behind the GFW
  • The sig file is just to verify your torrent file was not tampered with once you’ve downloaded 100%.


I am in China too and you should go to Manjaro - Downloads and download. It provides up to a several Mb/s speed.

After OSDN migrated their infrastructure to Amazon and leads to a very slow speed, Manjaro ISOs would not post to OSDN again, all the mirror sites in China have been deprecated.

See this post below:

PS: I remember all the Manjaro sites are not blocked by GFW, maybe your wifi is slow.


A lightweight and robust way to download the ISOs would be to use aria2c. It supports direct downloads, resumes, metalinks, and torrents (even magnets!) with its own built-in DHT tracker and seeder.


aria2c --enable-dht=true


is there an RSS feed for the torrents? I would love to help seed and keep them alive.

I don’t know as I can only find an RSS feed that’s outdated…


I have tried today and got a 6.0MB/s in average.

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I am downloading the isos here: Manjaro Linux - Browse Files at

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