What's the difference between Suspend and Hybrid Sleep?

Coming from Windows 10, I only know that “sleep” keeps the computer on with a very low input power, but “hibernate” completely turns off the computer. So what’s the actual difference between Suspend and Hybrid Sleep in Manjaro XFCE? To me, both of them are like the “sleep” functionality in Windows 10.

according this link

The Xfce desktop has integrated hybrid sleep support. Hybrid sleep writes the hibernation image to swap space and then suspends to RAM (S3 mode), allowing fast resume and ensuring you won’t lose your data even if you run out of battery or otherwise lose power

so it actually write the hibernation image like as for hibernate but without turning off… and then just go to suspend to RAM… like that if it goes out of battery during the suspend… the result will like as if you hybernate.

it will take little more time to suspend has it will have to write the image to swap and it need swap space (partition or swap file) like as for hybernation


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