What's the best way to install a specific version of a package?

I need to install lib32-pipewire 0.3.85.

On a rolling release distro, you should never install outdated packages which would result in a partial upgrade state.

Could you explain why you need this specific version?

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It’s temporary, I need it for compatibility with another package until it gets updated to work with the newer pipewire.

the name !!!
if from aur, at you to re-install (compile)

You can’t. Well you can downgrade to whatever you have in your cache, but that is unsupported then. Rather you should update your other package.

On a rolling release, the only sensible way to have an old version of something is to use snap or flatpak or appimage. Everything else is a bad idea.

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Not likely to be any little boxes for PipeWire packages

Snap package for PulseAudio turned out to be a very bad idea a few years ago

I meant the main package, of course, the My-super–duper app that needs old dependencies which will supposedly integrated. Most of the time.
If this works or not i do not know, the OP has to do his research.

possible x-y problem.

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