What's the best way to Back-up a PinePhone?

I’ve been dallying the PinePhone since January and it’s gotten to a point that I’m content with and I don’t want to lose it. There’s a new system update, but I’m too scared to do it until I back it up.
So, what is the best way to back-up a PinePhone?

P.S. Fantastic work devs! You guys are all absolute legends!

Is your install on SD card or eMMC?

If on the SD card, simply clone the SD card to an image file on a PC.

If on the eMMC, you can boot another install from SD card and clone the eMMC to an image file on the SD card (or a USB drive if you have a USB-C dock) that’s large enough.

  1. Is there an ARM version of CloneZillla in the repos?
  2. How can I check myself without bothering you next time?
  3. if there is, OP can use this excellent tutorial:


There is:


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What is the best way to backup not the entire system but user preferences and data (phonebook, recent calls list, SMS archive, telegram data etc) during system upgrade? Is it enough (and is it possible) just to copy the entire home/manjaro folder and then paste it again replacing the existing files? Currently I’m trying to use pinephone as a daily driver, so each time after reflashing the new OS build image all this data is lost.

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  1. The turorial does contain a section “data backup”:
  2. The data backup program called borg used in the tutorial is in the ARM repositories
  3. i don’t have a PinePhone (yet, I’m waiting for the dual-SIM version) but the technology and logic in the tutorial is generic to any and all Linux distros, so just follow the tutorial if you want to make System and/or Data backups.


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