What's mhwd-kernel -i <kernel> vs pacman -Syu <kernel>?

what does
mhwd-kernel -i linux519
do that
pacman -Syu linux519
doesn’t do?

mhwd-kernel -i will install another kernel.
See mhwd-kernel --help.

pacman -Sy as written will only update/refresh the Manjaro repo located at /var/lib/pacman/sync/*.db.

If you added a -u to the above, your system’s installed packages (including kernel) would be upgraded.
It is discouraged to used -Sy, but rather -Syu.
See man pacman.

Just a side note: it is suggested to review the Stable Update Announcement before updating, at least the first post. It is usually written by @philm and includes what is being updated, issues, and if there are any manual steps required.


In addition to the above, if you’ve changed or updated your mirrors, then you should use -Syyu instead of -Syu. :wink:

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pacman -Sy linux519 can install base kernel package for kernel v5.19

mhwd-kernel -i linux519 installs all kernel packages needed by system

When I used this command on my system recently, Manjaro Hardware Detection installed
linux519; linux519-headers; linux519-nvidia-470xx and linux519-r8168

Manjaro Settings Manager > Kernel GUI (manjaro-settings-manager -m msm_kernel) uses mhwd-kernel


or cat /usr/bin/mhwd-kernel

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Actually nothing. mhwd-kernel is just a bash script that uses pacman to install few other packages beside kernel that you (might) need.

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Another thing mhwd-kernel does when adding/removing kernels

  • include headers if present for other kernels
  • include nvidia modules if present for other kernels

Using pacman - you would need to know these extra packages.